Due to the pandemic, we have no choice but to adjust to virtual events for the meantime. It is a good thing we have 5 ways to make your virtual events more engaging so that everyone would have a lot of fun. The first would be hiring speakers who would know how to get the attention of the listeners. That is a lot better than someone who would just say a bunch of things then can’t wait for the entire thing to be over. You need someone whose head is always in the game. Second, the content should be something that should spice things up. It should not be the normal thing that everyone is used to. Thus, better team up with the speaker and make content that would inspire everyone to be glued on the virtual event the entire time. Remember, some people does have some short attention span and you just need to give it to these people as you never know what you can expect from them when the going gets tough.

While we are all expecting that, it would be time to use a little bit of digital channels in order to stir interest up even more. Yes, these things will prove to be a lot more useful before the end of the entire virtual event. There will come a time when you would rely on these things to do their thing and the audience would find them pretty useful with all the amazing features. Needless to say, nobody will be disappointed with all those features around as it could all mean a different thing and there’s a chance everyone will be happier.

Believe it or not, live polls and question and answer portions would get them to participate on what is going on at the moment. They would be able to do something else other than just listening to the speaker. The polls don’t have to be long but the question and answer ones should be short ones that are answerable by a yes or no. It would be better if it is not more than ten because if it is then the audience will probably not feel too good about that. They would rather a few short ones so they would probably take just a couple of minutes to do so. After all, they could still take their time when it comes to answering with a few questions and you never know what would happen after that.

Last but not the least, there is always the opportunity to bring in some entertainers. It does not mean that it is a virtual event and you can’t have entertainers anymore. You can still have them there doing their thing. For example, you can sketch artists drawing what the speaker says according to his or her own interpretation. Event tips like these are so useful for engaging your audiences these days, that they may not even want the event to end anytime soon.