The tonic water drinks, generally, are straightforward in nature. Though the most popular one is gin and tonic, there are many more great drinks that you can make with tonic water. When you mix tonic water with any drinks, it makes the drink refreshing, light and invigorating. If you are wondering what drinks you can make with the tonic water, then you are at the right place. We will discuss about the BEST TONIC WATER DRINKS that you can try at home. Read on to know more.


Want to make some great alcoholic drinks with the help of tonic water? Well, here are some of the drinks that you can try:


There are many people who love vodka and you can make a great drink by mixing vodka with the tonic water. This drink is called vodka tonic. Because of the neutral flavor of vodka, it goes pretty well with the tonic water. You can even try out the flavored vodkas with the tonic water to create this drink. If you want, you can Buy tonic water and add some lime.


Do you like dark spirits more? Then whiskey can be the best choice for you. Tonic water can go quite well even with the whiskeys. To make whiskey tonics, it is better if you use Irish whiskeys as they are smooth, you can add a lemon and some ice to create a perfect tonic water drink for a summer day to chill with.


You can try the autumn spiced tonic recipe for the fall season. For this drink, you will need vodka. You can infuse the vodka with some cinnamon, pear and apple. This can create a homemade infused drink for you. Then, you can add some tonic water to it to create the best tonic water drink.


Want to know the best summer tonic recipe? Then, the best tonic water drink for you is the strawberry gin and tonic. For this drink, you will need some homemade strawberry syrup along with gin and some tonic water. First add some ice and then the gin. Add tonic water along with the syrup. Stir it well and add some cut strawberries for garnishing. You perfect tonic water drink is ready for the summers.


This is one of the best and most popular tonic water drinks that you can try out. You can make this drink with dry vermouth which gives a slight tinge of crème de cassis and sweet fruit. You have to add some ice and then add tonic water to create this refreshing drink for you.


These are the best drinks that you can prepare with the help of the tonic water. Make these drinks at your home with some of the simple ingredients such as dried up produce as stated from this site. You can swap the ingredients too with some other fruits or drinks of your choice, if you want. Also, these tonic water drinks can be a perfect way to treat when you have guests at home. Try them all and you will love each and every drink!