Bier hier, Bier hier, oder ich fall um!

Ninkasi Transcendent Ale! infused with lavender and tarragon. only six barrels were made. one remains. come taste a pint before it’s all gone.

Ninkasi Oatis Stout too! Upright #5 Saison will be tapped so soon. delicious.

Walking Man IPA for good measure.

records tonight played by Clay Jordan. some oldies some sixties some seventies. thanks Clay.

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  1. yes! upright is so right.

    Comment by thom — October 22, 2009 #

  2. -was sagst du denn? dieses Bier schmeckt wie Himmel mit Kräutern!! aber alles getrunken. tut mir Leid meine Damen und Herren…kein mehr.

    Comment by gina — October 28, 2009 #

  3. du bist der zücker in meinem Kaffee. ja oder?

    Comment by tiga — October 28, 2009 #

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