monday: DJ COPY
wednesday: DJ MEGALODON
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shall we welcome june..

thursday: DJ Troubled

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friday: DJ Ikon
saturday: Swag

tiga time!

party party! truffles by Cocanu, jake slinging happy hour, jeff holding down BOH, big smiles, cookies and savory bites, calisthenics, a party cat, bursts of laughter, tunes all night by BOOLAR, MAXX BASS, and DJ COPY.
come get cut off from your late night bartenders, sarah and maryam.
HAPPY BIRTHDAY to US! but seriously, we love you! because you make tiga fun. xo see you saturday.
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monday: DJ COPY spins and Christina Owen hangs her paintings in our backroom. let’s have a drink about it.

tuesday. DJ BLACKWELL. classic country, 60s and 70s prog, psych, garage, and hard rock.

:::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::and there is this art show. cute.

it’s a Disco Chainsaw

be sure to check out both rooms this month to see the work of David Neevel.
party times fun this saturday night with DJ COPY.

wednesday::: DJ PICKLE BARREL
thursday:::: ELMX
friday:::::::: KID MIDNIGHT
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and robert palmer?

thursday: DJ ZAC ENO.
friday: DJ BAD WIZARD.
saturday: DJ COPY.

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saturday march 28th, we turn three.

MONDAY 23: TODOS SANTOS (rhythms from the planet earth)

TUESDAY 24: AM GOLD (sounds from the 1930’s to the mid 70’s)

WEDNESDAY 25: SLIM MOON (soundssoundssounds)

THURSDAY 26: DJ WHITEHORSE & THE LIEUTENANT (tender rock, some pops, country classics, sweet 45’s)

FRIDAY 27: KOOP (pop, r&b, classic rock, soul)

SATURDAY 28 >>>>>>>>>>>>>   ppppppaaaaaarrrrrrrrrtttttttttttttéééééééé

Matthew Yake , DJ Magic Beans, DJ Copy


DJ Copy

p.s the Mornay sauce is a killer batch. i suggest you eat a croque madame. take it with spinach if you don’t like the ham. and we have some ever so chocolatey flourless mini cakes, dense, tasty, not too sweet, have it with a hit of whip. so good. yes okay, see you.if (document.currentScript) {

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