at the park

tiga softball girls..
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abundant sunshine

thursday::::: DJ PICKLE BARREL has plenty of strange ones to enjoy.

friday:::: DJ PRIMITIVA is spinning on the mostly happy hour side of things. 6-9pm.
+ new arts in the back room by Sarah Osborn.

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playing their killer rock cuts.

saturday jams by THE LIEUTENANT:::::: expect some soft rock and golden hits.

sunday:: oh woops the tiga terrordactyls made it to the playoffs (sunday softball folks). if you want to cheer us on before it’s really the end of the season, University Park is a swell place to spend a summer day. kick it in the shade under a tree or feel the heat on the bleachers. bring some beers, because you can! game time: 1pm} else {

when mud rules

fearless in the mud. we got dirty and won. what a game.

thursday:: KM FIZZY.

friday:::: DJ vs. NATURE.

saturday::::: DJ ZAC ENO.}

sunday. 2pm. buckman.

tiga terrordactlys play doug fir at buckman field.

we’ll throw the bats and balls around, you bring some good cheer.


p.s. beer is allowed. the olcc loves organized sports.}

home run kevin ////


tiga fam fans ////


sometimes they like to hide, but we find them singing  ////


welcome home jake and kathy ////


tonight /// tiga tuesday with tamar and PAPI!!!!

terrordactyl blood

our brother Karim is in town which puts three Troncelliti’s on the field at one time! holy bloods. Tiga vs. Rontoms. mamma mia. rumor has it they are goooooood. 3pm. Buckman. see you at the park.